Symbols and Their Description

Ek Onkar
Ek Onkar

This Symbol of Sikhism is Created by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.This Describes ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR GOD, means there is only one God, who created,creates and controlled the universe,its elements,living things (for instance human beings).


This Symbol of sikhism Consist of Double edge sword in the centre along with chakra (circle) and two other swords (Kirpans) describes the characteristics of “Miri Piri” created “Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji”.The sword on the left side illustrated the Spiritual Sovereignty and The Sword on the right side illustrated the Political Sovereignty. The Circle (Chakra) is the symbol of unity (feeling of wholeness).The Double edge sword in the center of Khanda described that there is only one power (God) who has control over birth and death and the Circle .

Khanda is installed in every Gurdwaras in the world as a mark of faith.So that People of every community can approach to Gurdwaras if they need any kind of help without any fear. Khanda is usually came into existence during the Birth of Khalsa.

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