Population of Sikhs

The Total Population of Sikhs from all over the world is around 27 Million (2 crore 70 lakhs.). Below are the major nations where population of Sikhs are high as compared to the other countries of the world.

  • In India the total number of sikhs are around 21 million (2 crore 10 lakhs).
  • In United Stated of America (USA) the sikh population is near about between 650K to 700K (6,50,000 to 7,00,000 lakhs)
  • In Canada the population is around 650K (6,50,000 lakhs)
  • In United Kingdom (UK) it is near about 550k (5,50,000 lakhs)
  • In Australia and New Zealand the population of sikhs is around 150K (1,50,000 lakhs)
  • In Italy,Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand, the total number of sikhs are near about 290k (2,90,000 lakhs)
  • In Pakistan and United Arab Emirates, the sikh population is around 130k (1,30,000 lakhs)

The Sikhs are spread through out the world, they are present in every nation, whether it is small or big.

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