Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Emperor Jahangir, Brought Guru Arjan Dev Ji to Lahore. The Emperor himself went to singh, and his diwan Chandu took Guru Ji to his haveli. At that time, five sikhs were also accompanying Guru Sahib. Chandu imprisoned those five sikhs in the porch and took Guru Ji in the haveli and asked Guru Ji first to accept the proposal for marrying his daughter and secondly to add a few words of appreciation for Mohammad in his Granth and i will recommend the emperor to forgive you.

When Guru Ji Denied to accept both of the consitions, then the wicked Chandu said, now you ready to face the tortures. Guru ji Said to chandu that , “i am happy in God’s will”. Chandu made Guru Ji to sit on hot iron sheet. At that time, Wicked Chandu also brought hot sand to be poured on Guru Ji’s head.

While sitting on the hot iron sheets, Guru Arjan Dev sovereign ji said

Teira Kiya Meetha Lagge

Har Nam Padarth Nanak Mange

And Guru Ji Get Martyred.

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