Birth of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on 15th april 1469, to father Kalyan Chand Ji and mother Tripta Ji. It was early morning at that time and there was also not so much heat, there was a sweet fragrance all around. There was divine light as if the sun has appeared in the house , a cool breeze started blowing outside chanting of Jai Jai Har was heard, the whole atmosphere echoed with the sound of numerous drums and it appeared as if the nature itself has welcomed this child. The midwife Dalian told everyone that she has helped to give birth to so many children with these hand; but it has never happened before that the child has smiled immediate after birth, good omens have began to perform at Talwandis houses. All the people came to congratulate them. Mahant Kalyan Ji distributed sweets, food and money among the poor , as Nanak Ji was growing God showered full benevolence upon the whole village crops were increasing , the earth was blessed , fruit trees were laden with fruits, milk in the buffaloes and the cattle increased, Guru Nanak Ji always remained in his (Gods) worship, the whole universe used to sleep but Guru Nanak Ji was always awake. By that time, Guru Ji was of seven years, whatsoever food stuff or clothes he found at home; he used to distribute it among the poor and the needy. in 1533 Bikrami Mag 7th , Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, was sent to Pandha Gopal.

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