Historical Gurdwaras


Golden Temple in 1833
Shri Harmandir Sahib
Shri Harmandir Sahib Night View
Shri Harmandir Sahib Beautiful Aerial View

Shri Harmandir sahib is one of the holy Sikh temple (Gurdwara). Located in Indian state of Punjab(Amritsar).It is also known as golden temple(because of golden coating ) or Darbar sahib and Some Called it Swarn mandir. Too many names but one destination that is God.The meaning of harmandir is har(god) mandir(temple) God’ temple or the temple of god.It is a place where Sikhs worship the god.The founder of the Harmandir sahib is fifth guru of Sikhism Shri guru arjan dev ji. The construction of Golden temple starts in 1588 of December under the supervision of Shri guru arjan dev ji. The foundation brick is laid by Sufi saint sai Mian Mir one of the greatest saint of Lahore (now in Pakistan).There is also a sarovar(holy water pilgrim) around the harmandir sahib which is built by Shri  guru ram das ji from a small lake of village tung in 1577(construction starts in 1570 and complete in 1577).The construction of the Golden temple is completed in 1604.

Guru arjan dev ji  also completed the installation(setup) of guru granth sahib in harmandir sahib(Golden temple) And baba budha ji is appointed as a very first granthi(Reader of guru granth sahib) in Gurdwara sahib.  Shri Guru nanak dev Ji also visited this place in their time  and they met a small child Bura and renamed him by baba budha due to his Great thoughts and thinking towards god.In 1606  Sri Guru Hargobind ji built Akal Takht (One of the five Takht of Sikhs.) Near to harmandir sahib.

Shri Harmandir sahib is a symbol of peace, unity, truism, humanity and it is home of god. The great sikh Emperor maharaja ranjit singh planted gold all over the harmandir sahib in 1830.That is why it is pronounced as golden temple in English.Basically there is only one gate entrance for the temples in India but there are four gates for entrance to the golden temple .The four gates  refers  that peoples from all over the world of any caste, religion, creed can come to here without any  difference or racism . The doors of Shri Harmandir sahib open to all four directions. Sikh and peoples from all over the World come to Amritsar and visit Harmandir sahib for worship and pray. Peoples also take bath in ramdas sarovar .Because of its healing properties,many people are healed their diseases and injuries that are impossible to cure.


  1. Gurdwara dukh banjani beri stands on the eastern side of the sarover by the side of yet another old spiny tree having dark red edible fruits”known as dukhbanjani beri”.This place is associated with the legend of a person suffering from leprosy got cured by taking dip.Shri guru ramdas ji decided to develop the reservoir into a big holy water tank named amrit sarover.
  2. Ath sath tirath place is blessed with the benefit of holy bathing of sixty eight holy rivers .
  3. Diwan hall is also known as “manji sahib”.Shri guru arjan dev ji recited the bara maha(12 months) at this place.Gurdwara manji sahib is located near langar hall.In the morning time katha(gurubani vichar) will be held everyday.
  4. Shaheed bunga baba deep singh ji shaheed:-at this place the great sikh warrior baba deep singh ji sacrifice for the dignity of shri harmandir sahib.
  5. Elachi ber:-at this shri guru arjan dev ji used to supervise the construction of shri harmandir sahib sitting at this place,also the two sikh warrior’s  sukha singh and mehtab singh tied their horses,when they came to stop the desecration of shri harmandir sahib at the hands of massa rangahr.
  6. Har ki pauri is the place is blessed with such a belief that god himself took part in the construction of shri harmandir sahib.
  7. Gurdwara thara sahib:- shri guru teg bahadur ji after attaining the guruship,they came to harmandir sahib ,and the management then closed the doors of harmandir sahib.After this happened  Guru Teg bahadur ji made a prayer at this place and went back.
  8. Gurdwara baba atal rai ji is located close to shri harmandir sahib complex.This gurudwara is in remebrance of baba atal rai ji the younger son of shru guru hargobind sahib.The nine storeys of gurudwara recall baba atal’s rai nine years of life before his death in 1628.The langar ( free cooked food) came from varies places from outside and distributed along with the langar made in this gurdwara.
  9. Central sikh museum:-in this the sikh history has been described in the form of paintings,sketches,portraits,photos and manuscripts.Some relics related to sikh gurus,sikh rule are also displayed.
  10. Ber baba buddha ji is an old tree where baba buddha ji the first head priest of shri harmandir sahib used to supervised the construction of shri harmandir sahib and digging of sarover.
  11. Shri akal takhat sahib the first takhat  was established by shri guru hargobind sahib ji  1606.It is situated just opposite to the gate  of or entrance to shri harmandir sahib.Shri guru hargobing sahib ji established it,for solving ,deciding the secular political matters of sikh rule.
  12. Bungas ramgharia was built by great sikh warrior jassa singh ramgharia in the late 18th century(1794),located in the golden temple complex.It was constructed to serve a dual purpose of housing pilgrims visiting shri harmandir sahib and fortifying the area to protect the holy complex from outside invasion.

                          SHRI CHOLA SAHIB.DERA BABA NANAK


Gurdwara Shri Chola Sahib.Dera Baba Nanak
Chola Sahib Placed at Gurdwara with Handmade Han-kerchief by Bebe Nanaki Ji

To  make  the  sinful world  comfortable  and  bring  illusive  people  on  right  path, Nirankar  Kartar “  Himself “  took  birth  as  “ Divine  Soul “   of  Narankar  and    got  name  Guru Nanak .  Blessing  all  four  sides  of  world   through   “His “ sayings  made  the  people  beloveds  of  God, Dhan  Guru Nanak  Patshah Ji  undertook  his  fourth  travel  to  Arab  Country  for  ameliorating  the  world  and   spreading   motives/Principle  of  truth  and     reached  Kaikai  city  of  Missoor country  enrouting  through  Mecca Medina,  where   a  greedy  Sultan Hamid  Karu  fulfilled  with  evil  desires,  was  resided  and  collected  45 Gunj wealth   in  a  savage  manner. Guru Ji  cas  his  benevolence  upon  him. He  put  on  straight way  of  truth  and  ordered  him  to  divide  45  Gunj  wealth  amongst  poor. After  it,  Dhan  Guru Nanak Patshah Ji  reached  in  Baghdad City ( Iraq). The  Khaliffa Bucker  imprisoned   some Saints  and  Faqir  to  see  their  miracle  work. The  people  were  very  teased  from  him.  None  has  prerogative   to  speak  in  favour  of  his  right/ justice.  Khaliffa  Bucker  has  no child  due to which  he  was  feeling  unpleasure   internally  and  remains  in  worried condition.  Dhan  Guru Nanak  Patshah  Ji  sat  in a  garden  and   started  to  reciting    Gurbani- Sabad  through  which  praise  the  God .  On  hearing  voice   of  Viol ( Musical Rabab )  and  Kirtan,  Khaliffa  Bucker  sent  his  solider  Abdul  Wahid  to  stop  it.  When Abdul  Wahid  reached    the  Guru ji,  he  was  himself attracted  toward  sweet  Gurbani Sabad  reciting  by Guru Nanak Dev  Ji  and  rested  there.  When  the  Pir(  Muslim Divine)  alongwith  his  servants and  Faqire’s   came  to  Satguru Ji,  he  was also  mixed  with  the  colour  of  good deeds    while  conversation  with  Guru Nanak Dev Ji   started   worship     “ HIM”. When  this  report  reached   Khaliffa  Bucker,  he  rushed  to  Guru Ji   and  prayed  with  folded  hands, then  Satguru  Nanak  Patshah  ji  asked  him  to  leave  all  arrested  Faqir’s  then  you ( Khaliffa  Bucker)  will  be  able to  pardon  from  all  earned  sins  otherwise  these  bad  evils/deeds  shall  carry with  him  wherever  he  goes. On  listening  it , Khaliffa  Bucker  obeyed it  &  released  all  bondage,   became disciple  of  Guru Ji  and urged  before  Guru  Ji  for  blessing  of  a  son  and  devoted  maximum  time  in  doing  sewa  of  Satguru Nanak.

When   a  son  was  born  in  Khaliffa bucker’s  home,  his  wife(Begum)    prepared  a  beautiful  Robe (Chola)  on  which  some   holy  verses  of  Quran  and  figure  work  of  arithmetic  was  imprinted.  The  Begum   offered  Robe(Chola)  alongwith   pearls  and  ornaments  set with jewels,  to  Satguru Nanak Dev  Ji  which  were  not  accepted  by  Guru ji. But  Khaliffa Bucker  with   gracefully  and  good  intentions, put  on  this  Robe (Chola)  around  neck  of  Guru Ji.    and  one  picture   of  Guru  Ji was  built  and  fixed   in  his  home  with  a  view  to   remember   Guru  Ji  every  day.

The  emperor  of  Arab   namely  Lajwardh  was  a  cruel and  merciless  king.  The  news  of  guru ji’s  arrival  spread  like  fire and  thus  reached  the  ears  of   ruthless  emperor.  His  courtiers  informed  the  emperor  about  Guru’s  ji  arrival  and  that  this  saint  has  put  on   a  beautiful  holy  robe  on   which  verses  from  Quran  have   imprinted.  The  emperor  ordered  his  minister  to  get  that  pious, beautiful  holy  Robe  from  Guru ji.  Obeying  the  order  of   emperor  the  minister  went  to  Guru ji  and requested  to take  off the  old  Robe  (Chola ). Guru ji  said  he  himself  has  not  worn  this,   So  he  cannot  take  off  it  according  to  his  will. If they   wanted  this , they could  take  it  off  themselves. Hearing  this  from Guru ji,  the  Wazir  tried  hard  to  part Guru Ji  from this holy  robe. Facing  the failure  to get this  holy robe  from Guru ji, the cruel  king  ordered  his  minister  to  torture  Guru ji  physically. So, the  minister  pushed  Guru ji  from  a   high  mountain, dranched  them  in  water and also  set   on  fire  but   true  lord  could  be  harassed .  The  lord  of  water,air and fire  bowed  themselves  before  the  immortal and  imperishable  divinity. When  this  report  reached  the  emperor,  he got  furious  and  awarded  death  sentence  to  Guru ji. But  see  the  miracle  and  greatness  of the  immortal supreme  lord  that  sharpe  edged tree( Sulie)  on which  the  Guru ji  were  to  be  pushed, itself  became  a  swing  of  the  spring. At  last  when  the  emperor  understood  that this  simple saint  is  Allah  himself  in  the form  of Guru Nanak Dev Ji,  then he  felt   on    Guru ji  feet  and  begged  to  pardon  his sins.

The  blessed  lord  asked  him  to  leave   ruthless  path and   serve the  mankind,  accordingly  he  will be  blessed  by  the divine. Then  onwards  this  merciless  king  became  a  humble  and  kind  hearted  human  being  and served  humanity( The details  of  it  has been  written  in Sakhi  by  Bhai  Balaji  and Sri Suraj Prakash ).




Guru ji  infused  the  treasure  of  vertues  in  his  followers and  spent  his  last  days  at  Sri  Kartarpur.( Please note: Sri Kartarpur  sahib  is  now  located  in  Pakistan  which  is  almost 3 Kms  away  from  Dera Baba Nanak,Distt.Gurdaspur. Here  he  spent  more than  17  years  in  preaching and  serving  the  mankind. He said  that  by  contemplation  of  God’s  name  one  gets  true  happiness. One who recites  his  name with a true  heart  becomes  immortal  and  gets  true  knowledge  of the  divine. The  lord  is the  bestower  and  embodiment  of  blessings  and  all  joys  and  happiness. Bhai Lehna  Ji  served   Guru ji  whole  heartedly  and  meanlessly. Guru ji  blessed  him  and  entitled  him  as  Guru Angad and  gifted  the  pious  holy  Robe (Chola Sahib)  and  five  other  belongings  like  Sehli Topi, Rosary( Mala), the  Holy  book, Wooden Footwear  to  Guru Angad  Dev Ji. These  priceless  and  precious  belongings  were  passed  on  to  Guru Amar Dass Ji. Similarly  these  symbols  were  passed  on  to  Guru Ramdass Ji and  Guru Arjan  Dev Ji.

“  Kar  Sewa  of  Holy  Tank( Sarover) at  Sri Amritsar ”

 The  Kar sewa  at Amritsar  was  started  by  the  Fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji  for construction  of  Holy  tank  of  Harimander  Sahib(Golden Temple) Amritsar. People  from  far  and  near  infused  their  devotion  in  this Kar  sewa. On  this  auspicious  occasion   one  of the  devotees  of the  Almighty, Bhai Tota Ram Arorribansi  from the  Sohaan  city  of  Afghan  country also  rendered  his  untiring  and selfless  services. Guru ji  were  very  impressed  by  his  devotion  and  bestowed  his  blessings  on  him  and  asked  Bhai Tota Ram  for a  wish. Bhai Tota Ram  said Guru  ji  that  he  is  very  fortunate  and  have already  been  blessed  by  the  Almightly  with  all  the  treasure  of wordly  pleasures.

Still O, almighty  if  you wish, then  bless  us  with  blessings  which  could  quench  the  thirst  of  our  souls  and attaining  everlasting  happiness  by worshipping  your  lord ship every  moment. The  Fifth Guru Arjun  Dev Ji  were so  pleased  by  his  devotion. At this time  the  holy  book, Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji  were  not  ready  in form. So Guru ji  presented  Bhai Tota  Ram, the  holy Robe(Chola Sahib) and  said  that  when  ever he  would  worship  this  holy  Robe, would  worship  the  Almighty  in true  form  and  by  its grace  he  would  be able to  cross  the  ocean  of wordly  aspirations. So, they  should care for it  with  pious  and true  devotion  and  dedication and further one who is  blessed  by the Almighty  would  get  this Chola Sahib  as a token  of  blessings  and  remembrance. The remaining  five symbols were given  to the Sodhi Clan. Out  of these,   Sehli  Topi  is  now  at  Kiratpur Sahib whereas  Rosary(Mala), the  Holy book  and  wooden footwear  are  at  Guru Har Sahai  a town  of  Distt. Ferozepur  in  Punjab. Meanwhile Bhai Tota Ram took the  precious, holy  Chola  Sahib  to  his country and served  mankind  by  helping them to worship  the  Chola Sahib and attaining  the blessings of  the divine. Bhai Tota Ram served  Sri Chola Sahib with  true  dedication  until  his  last  breath.  When  he realized  that  his life  was  coming  to  an end,  he  placed  Chola Sahib  in  a  cave  and  placed  a  huge  rock  slab  in  front  of  it & prayed  to the  imperishable  Almighty to care  for  his  priceless  gift  of the  lord and he  left  for  heavenly  abode.

Placement  of Sri Chola Sahib at  Dera Baba Nanak  in  District Gurdaspur

Baba Shri Chand Ji (Elder son  of  Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ), the  lord  of  immerable  supreme  super  natural  powers, established  Dera Baba Nanak  in  the  loving  memory  of  his  father. One night  Guru ji(Guru Nanak Dev Ji) appeared  in  the  dream  of  Baba Kabli Mal Ji, the  ninth  Generation  of  Guru ji  and  ordered  him  to  get  the  holy  Chola Sahib  back to Punjab from  the  Arab country  of  Bhai  Tota Ram Ji. Next  morning  Baba Kabli Mal Ji  narrated  the whole  dream  and  discussed  the  matter  with  his family members  and  other  devotees. The devotees  requested  Baba Kabli Mal Ji  for their help  and guidance  in accomplishing  this  holy  task  of  getting back  the  Chola Sahib  to  Punjab. Alongwith  some  of  his  devotees, Baba Ji  reached  Sohaan, city  of  Bhai Tota Ram  Ji.

People  of  Sohaan  welcomed  Baba Ji warmly  and  helped  them  to  accomplish  the  desire  of  the devotees  and  the  Almighty  and told Baba Ji  that  Guru’s ji  holy  robe  was  laying  inside the cave which  is  blocked  by a big rock. Baba Kabli Mal ji rested  for a  night  at  Sohaan city. During  his  sleep, Guru Nanak Dev Ji  again  appeared  and  told  Baba Ji  to  get  up early  at early  hours   of  the  dawn  and  after  reciting  Japji Sahib and  chanting  Ardaas, he  should  sprinkle  water  Five  times and the  huge  rock which  was  placed  in  front of  the cave will  itself  give  a way  and  help  him.  Baba Ji  got  up  early  next  morning  and performed  all the  retuals  with  devotion  and accomplished  the  task  as  was  told   by  Guru’s ji  in  his dream. Further alongwith  the  other devotees,  he  took  out  Shri Chola Sahib with great  respect and  proceeded  back  to Dera BabaNanak(Gurdaspur, Punjab).

 Mela  Shri  Chola Sahib  at  Dera Baba  Nanak

 Proceeding  back  along with  the  other  devotees, Baba  Kabli Mal Ji reached  Dera Baba Nanak  on 21 March( Fagun month  according  Sikh Calender) 1807.The  people  of Dera Baba Nanak  welcomed  Baba Ji  and  others  who  accompanied  him, warmly  and celebrated  this  auspicious  and  remarkable  occasion. Since then,  this  occasion  is  being  celebrated  every  year  from  the 3rd  March  to 7th  March  and  Mela  is  organized  in  which  devotees  from  far and near, in  and out  the  country  come  to  Dera Baba  Nanak  and  pay  their  devotions  and  get  blessings  of  Almighty .  This time there   is  too much  excitement  and  will power  in  sangat  of  this  area to  serve  Sadh sangat  coming  from  far  and  away  for seeing  Shri Chola  Sahib  at  Dera Baba Nanak.


                                                   GURDWARA GURU NANAK LAMA                                                                  CHUNG THANG (SIKKIM)


Gurdwara Guru Nanak Lama. Chung Thang.Sikkim (India)

Chung  Thang  is  a  very  little  hill  village  which  Gangtok( Sikkam)  in  100  Kms    North  side . Chung Thang  is  a very  beautiful and  attractive  place  surrounded  with  three  big  mountains  and  two  running  rivers. Dhan Guru Nanak DevJi, ameliorating  the  world,  with  BhaiMardanaJi,  while  undertaking  journey  to   China ,  arrived  at this  place.  As  per  historical  elements, Dhan  Guru Nanak DevJi,  on  visiting  this  beautiful  place,  said  “  “   Good  Place “  which  was called  and famous  later on  “ As Chung  Thang  “

When  Satguru  Guru Nanak DevJi  coming to  this  side, then  on  the  way  one  Giant  came forward  to  prevent  to  go  ahead. SatguruPatshahJi  moved    stick  caught  in  hand  toward   Giant  to  go  aside.  Stick  contained  so   spiritual powerful   that  with  one direction  of  stick,   Giant  went   on  a  hill  north side  of  Chung Thang . Satguru  Guru  Nanak Patshahji, sat  on  a  open  place  lying  in  ChuingThang,   where  to-day “ Nishan  Sahib “exists  and  recited  Gurbani  in  praise  of  Almighty. People  of  that  area,  felt  happiness   but   Giant  angered  and    he  rolled  a  big  stone  from  hill  toward  Guru  Ji. The  rolling  stone  was  stopped   itself  when   it  was   reached   near feet  of  Guru Nanak DevJi.

Big Stone thrown by Giant towards Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Marks of Feet of Dhan Guru Nanak on the Stone

Dhan  Guru Nanak DevJi  said  to  MardanaJi, let  us  come  to sit  down  on  this   soft  place  . when  Guru Ji  started  to  climb  up  on  the  stone,  that  was  so  melted   and  so  softened   that signs   of  Guru Ji  feet    was  imprinted on   stone. These signs  are  still  visible  on  stone. By this time, sangat  was started  to gather  for seeing  Guru Ji  and  lot  of  eatable  material  offered  to  HIM.  Mardanaji desired  to drink  water    to  quench  the thirst.  Guru  Ji  produced   a  Inflow  waterfall  there   in  a  stone  with  a      arm . All  the  sangat  drank  the water  at that time  and  even  to-day  also  there  is  specific  importance of  that   inflow- waterfall that   water  does  not finish   despite  of  taking  water  from  it   in  large  quantity  as  per  will  nor  it  overflows  or  dilute.

Walking Stick Tree of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Walking Stick of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Ji also  sat down  on this  stone  and  ate  rice  on  Banana  leave   brought  by  residents  of  that  area.  The  residents  of  village  who  care  called  LAMAS, urged  to  Guru Ji  that  crop  of  rice  does not  grow here.  On  listening  it, Guru Ji  took  up  few  quantity  of  rice   from  Banana leave  and  spread  it  all  around  on the earth and   simultaneously  spoken  that  rice  crop  around  of  this  stone, will  grow.  Chung Thang  is  such   a  place  where  rice crop  around 100 Kms  is grown  in  plenty. The  residents ( LAMAS)  always  remember  to  this  blessing  of  Satguru Nanak PatshahJi. These  are  disciples  and  worshipper of  Dhan Guru Nanak DevJi.   Guru ji  also  sat down  on the stone  and recited  Kirtan  and  given  doctrines  to  the  sangat.

About  50  yards distance  beyond  of this  holy  stone, Guru MaharajJi ,  the     stick (Kudi)  that  was   caught  in  hand  while  pointing  out  the  Giant   to go  aside,  was  fixed there. Now, this  stick( Kudi)   has been  grown    “ As  Tree”   there turned  in  Kudi shape  which  to-day,  can  be seen


Gurdwara GuruDongmar Sikkim.INDIA
Sangat at Gurdwara GuruDongmar. Sikkim (INDIA)
GuruDongmar Lake.Sikkim

Dhan Guru Nanak DevJi  proceeded  ahead  from   Chung Thang  toward  Gurudongmar  lake which  is  situated  at  height  of  18000 ft  and reached   Gurudongmar Lake. This lake  remains  covered  with Ice. There  was  major  problem  for  not  getting  water. Guru Ji  had   removed   some  layers  of  ice  with   his  hand. From  that  place  till  to-day,  with  blessings  of  Dhan Guru Nanak DevJi,   Ice ,   within  the  area  12×3  ft,    does  not  freeze. This  holy  place  was  ascertained   in 1977  when   Subedar  Major  Gian Singh  BhullarJi  of    17 Assam Rifle,  was  informed  by  the  local  residents  that DhanSatguru Nanak DevJi  was  come  to  that  place.

Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim. INDIA


From  this  place,  Dhan Guru Nanak DevJi  went  to   Capital  LASA  of   Tibet   where  some  prisoners  arrested  by  king,   were  got  free. Guru ji, then  reached  Punjab State  enrooting  through  China.  Indian Army  is  looking  after  as well as    performing  true  sewa   devotionally  and  lovingly   of   Gurdwara  Guru Nanak  Lama Chung Thang  and  GurdwaraGurudongmar Lake.

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